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What is a Daily Money Manager and Who Needs One?

Daily Money Managers (DMM’s) help people manage their personal finances including all of the business aspects of daily living. They offer services including necessities like paying monthly bills, assisting with tax records, decoding medical bills, balancing checkbooks, and negotiating with… [Read More]

Five Values Families Need for Effective Health Advocacy

Parents need to know their adult children will, to the best of their ability, ensure they receive appropriate care in a hospital, assisted living, or skilled nursing residence. They hope their kids will look out for their safety without diminishing their autonomy and independence, but enough to keep them safe.

Medicare And Your Current Insurance

I find this question to be pressing on many people’s minds. The question I often get goes something like this: “I already have insurance. How does Medicare work with the insurance I currently have?” Well, the short answer is that… [Read More]

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