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What We Do

Bridging Horizons provides FREE seminars, webinars, blogs and articles covering topics which are of concern to our aging population. We EDUCATE and INFORM people over the age of 50 and their family. We will NOT sell you products or services. We will attempt to answer questions that will help you determine to whom to go to find solutions for your concerns.

Our seminars and webinars cover various topics including housing, health and wellness, financial issues and legal concerns. Our first series of seminars and webinars will focus on Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. We will publish a newsletter, a blog and articles containing information pertinent issues concerning you every day. You will be able to attend and participate in meetings and discussions on issues such as:

  • When should I sign up for Social Security
  • What type of will / trust do I need?
  • Will I have enough money for my retirement?
  • My parents may need to downsize. Where do I start?
  • My parents are having more serious health issues. Who can I turn to for help and direction?

Jason Kotar – Co-Founder and CEO of Bridging Horizons

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