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Dr. Ernest Brown Doctors To You, Physician & Founder

As a medical student at Howard University, Dr. Ernest Brown originally sought to become an emergency medicine physician. However, by fate or circumstance, during a third year clerkship, he was mentored by one of the foremost house call doctors in the country. This defining moment led Dr. Brown to realize that healthcare didn’t have to happen in a box.

Soon, Brown was focusing all of his training on a novel concept: house call services for the elderly, the disabled, and anyone else who needed them.

His reasoning was simple. It didn’t make any sense to just sit back and watch as patients and doctors alike struggled through a failing healthcare system, if there was something that could be done about it. He realized that, far too often, patients are treated as little more than commodities– pawns moved and prodded only to fill big industry’s fur-lined pockets.

In 2015, Brown founded Doctors to You™ with one goal: breaking healthcare’s barriers and bringing medicine back to its roots.

He wanted to empower the patient, and reassure the physician.

He wanted to show that healthcare should be for the people, and by the people– not the 1%.

More than anything, he wanted to inspire a movement. He wanted to put care back into the hands of those who really cared, and provide an environment where patients could be serviced without clutching their wallets.

He wanted to make medicine what it was always meant to be.


Ernest Brown, Founder
Doctors To You, LLC
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: (202) 545-3300

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Dr. Ernest Brown

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