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Joseph Mathis Offit Kurman, Attorneys at Law

Mr. Mathis primarily focuses his practice in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, and elder law. Mr. Mathis believes that everyone should have a well-structured and carefully thought out plan for disability and death. As a result of this philosophy, Mr. Mathis has built his practice by representing a wide range of clients, including parents with young children, parents with special needs children, business owners, retirees, elderly individuals, and others.

A good part of Mr. Mathis’ practice is spent guiding his clients through the complex issues and challenges that exist with elder care planning for their family members who are aging, and concerned about dealing with care needs and disabilities. Mr. Mathis advises his elder law clients about how to best protect their assets and qualify for benefits that may be available to assist with the payment of caregiving expenses.

Mr. Mathis is also very experienced with the probate process and in the administration of estates and trusts. He frequently represents personal representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries through the course of the administration of an estate or trust.

Planned seminars:

  • Hot topics in elder law and estate planning
  • The guardianship process and alternatives to guardianship


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Joseph Mathis

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