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The Sandwich Generation

Do you find yourself torn between caring for your children while wondering how you are going to help your parents through the crises they may be experiencing? I see this every day in my community and it makes you part of the “sandwich generation.” People are having children later in life and seniors are living longer than ever before. It is our reality today and opens the opportunity for having

“The Conversation”

Now is the perfect opportunity to make time to talk with family members and friends regarding how they wish to live well for the rest of their life. An ideal way to approach the subject is through example. Have you had your own conversation and identified your durable power of attorney for healthcare? Do you have your advance directive (AD) completed? Demonstrating your commitment to the issue makes it easier to have the conversation with others. Sell it to your seniors as a gift you have given to your children and emphasize the importance of their giving this gift to you. Seniors frequently ask their loved ones what they want for the holidays and completion of their AD is an excellent and low cost alternative way for them to give a lasting and loving gift that is meaningful.

These discussions should not be done in a vacuum but should include the entire family. Young people today feel invincible as most of us did at their age. But, in our high tech world they too are at risk of finding themselves injured and unable to express their wishes. It is why ADs are extremely important for anyone who drives, 18 years and above, so bring them into the conversation.

Remember, the holidays are an excellent time to have the conversation when family members gather to socialize. So plan ahead, let them know what you are going to do and be prepared to move forward. If we can help in any way, let us know. Although you may be able to do this on your own, sometimes a little help will get the job done and be less stressful. So, give us a call at 301-744-7656 to help you:

Have ‘The Conversation’
Give ‘The Gift’

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